Losing one of your all-important senses can be a wrenching jolt that is tough to come to grips with. At Audiology Associates of Redding, we understand, and our caring and compassionate staff – as well as Peach the mascot – are ready to help you understand that hearing loss is a challenge that can be overcome.

You are likely feeling distress, angry, frustrated and maybe you are still in a little bit of denial thinking you should just deal with it or work around it. The best course of action is to take action – call today for hearing evaluation and the team at Audiology Associates will help you improve your hearing and reconnect with family, friends and the world around you. Remember, you are not the first person to experience hearing loss and here are some suggestions about coping and helping those around you to adjust.


One audiologist equates hearing loss like losing a loved one. “It’s a death of a part of an individual,” says Dr. Angela Nelson, a California audiologist. “[You have] to move through the grief process.” You may need to reach out to friends and family for help and you may need to discuss your feelings with a therapist.”

“A good support system is essential,” adds Aaron Moberly, a doctor with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Moberly says adults who get hearing aids have to learn to hear through the devices and that may take a little time for some.

The average adult waits too long before getting hearing treatment. The most recent statistics show an adult lives with hearing loss for up to seven years before getting treatment. And no one is exactly sure why people wait, the explanation varies from “it’s a part of aging” – so is vision difficulties but everyone gets those corrected to “hearing aids will make me look old” – a lot of the new models sit in your ear canal or just inside your ear and are not visible.


If you have someone in your life with a hearing issue there are some things you can do to help them out.

*Be aware of background noises like the television or dishwasher. You may not even notice the background noises anymore, but a hearing-impaired person has difficulty filtering conversational tones from background noise.

*Say the person’s name before you start talking so their attention is on you.

*Speak slowly and clearly – and don’t shout. Raising your voice distorts the sound and it also will mask the visual cues a person could get from watching you speak in a normal tone. Don’t talk with your hand in front of your face.

*Look at the person you are talking to so they can watch your facial cues and hand gestures.

*Conversation will be easier in a lighted, quiet area.

*Don’t get frustrated. The individual with hearing loss may be angry they can’t hear and angry people are asking them to turn down the volume on the television and angry they are being told to go to the doctor. Anger is normal both for the individual with hearing loss and other family members who think they may be being ignored because the individual can’t hear them.


The professional team at Audiology Associates of Redding all are committed to helping you hear better. We have decades of experience and our state-of-the-art facility has the technical bells and whistles – but we’ve also got cookies and coffee! We can go through your options and share resources with you when you make an appointment for a hearing evaluation.

Not getting your hearing treated means closing off some of a lot of your connections to the world around you. Untreated hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression and it can have a negative effect on family dynamics.

If your loved one is getting a hearing evaluation, be supportive – you can come along to the appointment. Sometimes that little bit of support is all they need to come in.


Putting aside your negative thoughts about hearing loss and seeking treatment is such an empowering experience. We can talk to you about all the amazing technology that is involved in the new hearing aids. There’s a model for you to fit your lifestyle and we’ll help you find it. Contact us today at Audiology Associates of Redding.