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Aural Rehabilitation

Hearing aids do not restore your hearing to normal, that’s why aural rehabilitation and communication strategies are so important.

When you first start to wear hearing aids, you are hearing many things your brain hasn’t heard in a very long time. At first, these “forgotten” sounds will come into your attention and may be quite distracting. Your brain has to re-learn what these sounds are, and that they do not need to be brought into your attention.  This process of habituation will make these unimportant sounds become less distracting, but only if the hearing aids are used regularly and consistently.

Our personalized aural rehabilitation program consists of:

1) Treating hearing loss

2) Educational counseling

3) Auditory training programs

4) Training in communication strategies

Auditory brain training is proven to help with:

  • Increase active participation in social situations

  • Reduces stress levels during conversations

  • Improves confidence in noisy environments